I'd be honored to join your birth team.

I'd be honored to join your birth team.

"Giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear."

Choose from my comprehensive doula packages:

Every client receives sensitive, trauma-informed care, regardless of which package they choose. Every client receives a free consultation.

Experienced parents who already have a strong postpartum support plan in place, this plan is for you.



  • Free support at ECVs (turning breech baby) and childbirth classes
  • 2 prenatal appointments with basic childbirth education
  • Access to 3 basic mental health videos with Kylie Hibshman, LCSW
  • On-call support from 37 weeks until birth
  • 1 postpartum appointment
  • Help initiating breastfeeding if desired
  • Access to my standard lending library (childbirth books, DVDs, or birth/peanut balls) with a refundable deposit

First-time parents or clients who want more specialized mental and emotional support, I made this option with you in mind!



  • Free support at ECVs (turning breech baby) and childbirth classes
  • 3 prenatal appointments with more in-depth childbirth education
  • 2 postpartum appointments for birth processing and newborn care help
  • Access to my full library of speciality mental healthcare videos and guided meditations by certified professionals
  • A 30 minute video chat for any concerns you have regarding pregnancy, childbirth, or the postpartum period
  • Access to my lending library free of cost

My most hands-on support. For the parents who want every advantage my multiple trainings and experience can offer:



  • Free support at ECVs (turning a breech baby), emergency appointments, and childbirth classes
  • 4 prenatal appointments with more in-depth childbirth education
  • 4 postpartum appointment for birth processing and newborn care help
  • Access to my full library of speciality mental healthcare videos and guided meditations by certified professionals
  • Three 30 minute video chats for any concerns you have regarding pregnancy, childbirth, or the postpartum period

Individual Add-Ons:

  • Emergency medical appointments… FREE
  • Attending non-emergent medical appointments... $25/appointment
  • One-time travel fee for Thornton or Wyoming births.... $60

*I accept payment plans upon request

Hi, I’m Leann Olsen and I’m a birth nerd!


I fell into doulaship as I fell in love with my own two kiddos. What I didn’t fall in love with was the way our health system can harm, silence, and sideline the experiences of our birthgivers and partners. I believe everyone deserves an empowering birth, and I’m on a mission to help make that happen!


  • Current, scientifically-supported information for pregnancy and birth
  • Understanding of the power of mental health
  • Simple, easy resources for physical, mental, and emotional health (sometimes they’re even, dare I say it, fun!) Birth team building, so you leave my care with a strong support network in place


I am a CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals Association)-certified labor doula, certified trauma-informed provider through Childbirth International, and certifying Stillbirthday doula. I am also Prevention of Birth Trauma Level 2-certified through the Birth and Trauma Support Center.  I chose these more rigorous trainings because they combine the importance of scientifically-informed education with trauma-informed care.

I am passionate about making connections everywhere I go, and I’ve been the secretary for the Northern Colorado Doula Association since 2019. I stay-up-to-date with our birth community so I can always give my clients the best information and resources.



I bring a powerful, studied, and calming presence to my doula work. Together, we’re going to make a plan, and we’re going to have an experience that leaves you feeling peaceful and confident. I want every client to feel safe and educated on their journey. You can leave the birthing room feeling powerful.


When I am not working, I spend my time chasing after my two young kiddos, adventuring outside, overly loving on my two cats, and embarrassing my family with my sweet dance moves as much as I can.

Everyone deserves an empowering birth, regardless of their circumstances.

Giving birth is an incredibly personal experience. It is vulnerable. Birth trauma comes in many different forms and has a multitude of causes. I know that your experience matters. Pregnancy and birth have transformative effects on your mental and emotional health. There is no threshold you have to meet for your pregnancy or birth to be considered traumatic. Trauma is entirely in the eye of the beholder, and nobody has the right to discount your experience. Your full-body health, safety, and family well-being matter to me.

What trauma-informed care looks like:


You are the captain of your birth team. Everything I do is to support you and your choices. Together, we’ll work on communicating clearly with your medical providers to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal.


There is no one-size-fits-all solution to birth and healing. I take historical trauma, gender identity, and cultural practices into account. I work to stay current in my education and will adjust my recommendations based on what you feel comfortable with.

Your feelings are valid.

Educational Empowerment

Knowing your options is crucial to having an empowered experience. We spend each prenatal session exploring childbirth options, discussing questions for your providers, and creating mental health care plans. We’ll help you find the right tools to advocate for yourself.


You choose where, when, and how we meet. I, nor anyone on your medical team, is entitled to your story if you don’t feel comfortable sharing it. Different body language and verbal cues can be empowering or threatening. Let’s talk about what works best for you. Your safety and comfort are my priority.



"In a moment so utterly raw and precious, she met my energy with her own, creating a balance of feminine strength and security around me."

It nearly brings me to tears every time I think back on our experience with Leann...She went above and beyond for me, doing pressure points to help my labor along, made sure I was eating and, hydrated, holding me when I needed to rest,, giving me space when she could see I needed it. Reminding me I could do something as challenging as giving birth.

She even gifted us with notes of the highlights of my birthing process. After my birth she made me and my family feel so loved and cared for. Leann, thank you so much for showing me how life changing having a doula can be. Thank you for all the pieces of your heart and being you share in that space.

"She made me feel comfortable and stood by me through one of the hardest most rewarding hours of my life."

I really recommend her doula services! She is a huge support and made Labor much less scary!"

""She was amazing and just that extra support that we didn't know we needed."

All the interventions (cervadil, pitocin) my doctor was considering didn't have to happen because along with my intuition, Leann offered clarity and kept reminding me that it was my birth. This was the birth of my second child and if I could go back to the first birth I would have preferred this experience 1000x more.


Nobody can do this alone, even me!  I’ve partnered with two local mental health professionals to help you enter parenthood with the utmost confidence.

Kylie Hibshman, LCSW

Together Kylie and I have created an innovative platform of educational videos and meditations to help take the stress out of mental health prep.

These videos will help you:

  • Know your options regarding therapy and how to access it
  • Understand what it’s like to birth after trauma or mental illness
  • Learn the various ways depression and anxiety can present
  • Feel validated in your emotions and experiences

Becky Lauridsen’s , LPC

Every doula client in my practice has discounted access to Becky's excellent online Prenatal Emotional Awareness Course.

After this course, you and your partner(s) will be able to:

  • Recognize the signs of perinatal mental health issues
  • Communicate openly about perinatal mental health
  • Know what to do if either of you begins experiencing symptoms

You have a whole team behind you. We are rooting for you.