Meet Your Doula

I am a mom of two, my first birth was without a doula and my second was with a doula.  What a difference it made!  I learned that the extra education and support were priceless.


I am a CAPPA-Certified Labor Doula and secretary for the Northern Colorado Doula Association.  I live in Fort Collins, CO with my husband, son, daughter, and silly but lovable cat.  Whilst in graduate school for medical anthropology with a focus on maternal health, I discovered the doula calling.

Birth is such a life-changing event and I want to help birthing people and their partners enter this new stage of their lives with grace.

 Everybody deserves to give birth with dignity, respect, comfort, and kindness, and I intend to help create this positive birthing atmosphere.

During our prenatal meeting(s), we will discuss birthing options, how to create a birth plan, comfort techniques during labor, and address any concerns you have surrounding birth or the postpartum period.  Once labor begins, I will be there as soon as you need me and stay until one hour postpartum and help initiate breastfeeding if so desired.

I am passionate about all things birth and would love to travel your birth journey with you.


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