“What do you say about someone who made one of the most important parts of your entire life so wonderful it nearly brings you to tears every time you think back on it… After a not so great experience with having a doula at my first birth, I was nervous but decided I would give a doula one last shot during my second birth, and boy am I glad that Leann is the one who walked through my door. I called her bright and early and she remained with me for my entire birth which went into the next day! She was kind, supportive, calming and being a mother herself she understood. She made sure my family and I were eating, hydrated, relaxed, prepared. She went above and beyond for me, doing pressure points to help my labor along, holding me when I needed someone to rest on, giving me space when she could see I needed it. Reminding me I could do something as challenging as giving birth. In a moment so utterly raw and precious, she met my energy with her own, creating a balance of feminine strength and security around me. As if that wasn’t enough she even took notes of the highlights of my birthing process which she later gave to me as a beautiful reminder. After my birth she kept in touch, dropping by and making me and my family feel so loved and cared for. Leann, thank you so much for changing my mind on the importance of a doula and how life changing having a doula can be. Thank you for your dedication to this momentous step in a woman’s life and for all the pieces of your heart and being you share in that space. I am forever grateful.”- M.

“Leann was with us for the birth of my daughter. She was amazing and just that extra support that we didn’t know we needed. All the interventions (cervadil, pitocin) my doctor was considering didn’t have to happen because along with my intuition, Leann offered clarity and kept reminding me that it was my birth.

This was the birth of my second child and if I could go back to the first birth I would have preferred this experience 1000x more.”- K.

“Leann was my doula for the birth of my son! she made me feel comfortable and stood by me through one of the hardest most rewarding hours of my life. I really recommend her service! she is a huge support and made Labor much less scary!”- J.